what would you do in this situation?(the situation i’m in): you like someone and find out they like you back through another friend. but, they don’t know you know they like you, & they also don’t know you like them. the friend from who you found out from isn’t helpful. so basically we like each other, but he doesn’t know i know he likes me, or that i like him too. we are already friends, so if i confront them about it in any way it would be very awkward. this is giving me lots of anxiety. help?

That’s a bit of information to take in all at once.. 
If you thin they like you back and you like them, it might be a little bit awkward but that’s not really avoidable sometimes.. Life can be awkward ^^
Be honest and tell them you like them, see how they respond!
Deep breaths, it’ll be okay, you can do this! You’re stronger than you think.
With love,