Hello,so…I KNOW I’m Bi and I’m a guy. I’m actually attracted to all genders, but I feel better with the Bi label. But the thing that makes me feel like crap is that I feel pressured by everyone that I have to date all genders in order to prove that I’m Bi but like…I feel like just dating guys? I kinda made up my mind that I want a husband but people don’t believe my Bisexuality because of this choice, even though I KNOW myself that I’m attracted to all genders & this makes me feel irritated.

Hello! ^^
I can understand how not feeling understood can be irritating, but the important thing is that you understand yourself! Others will never be able to experience how you experience things, and your sexuality is your own, nobody else can feel it but you.
You are valid, your feelings are valid and if others don’t understand and won’t take the time to at least listen to you about it, then those opinions don’t matter, be yourself, love who you want to love and in the end just be as happy as you can be.
Focus on your own happiness more and the ignorance slightly less, it’s easier said than done.. But if you can, it’s worth it :3
With love,

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