So I came out as Bi about a year ago and since then I haven’t been in any relationships. All my past relationships with boys were complete disasters, and since I’ve never actually dated a girl I don’t know what it’s like to date the same gender. My friends think I should try and persue a relationship with a girl this year but I don’t know how to go about it. Help please?

I don’t think you should pursue a relationship if your heart isn’t in it right now, it should be something you want to do and not something you feel like you should do.
If you like someone and want to ask them out, the gender doesn’t really matter.. Men and woman are usually the same in that regard, you get your nerve up to ask if they want to maybe go on a date or get some coffee and talk.. They might say yes! From there, it’s just talking. Best case you find someone you’d want to be with, worst case, you might make a friend!
If you’re looking for a woman who’s LGBT you could try local LGBT clubs or groups, it’s a good way to meet local LGBT people and maybe find love too!
With love,