Regarding the ask I sent in a few months ago, (yes, the one about the girl who tells guys she’s bi for fun). I apologize for sending it to this blog, and I realize I wasn’t thinking straight(ha ha). I let my anger cloud my judgement and when I sent that in, I was still in the midst of figuring out who I am(still am tbh), and her saying that upset me. i needed an outlet to rant it to and the thought that she could actually be bisexual didn’t cross my mind. Again, I am very sorry.

Don’t worry!
Please don’t feel bad about it, you’ve learned from it and you understand. That’s the important thing and that’s what matters. Please don’t feel bad about making a mistake, there was no serious harm done and you’ve apologised. All is forgiven! (at least, I should hope it is..)
Take your time and be kind to yourself, you’ll figure it out sooner or later!
With love,