I’m a bit confused about myself at the moment. For a long time I’ve known I liked boys (I’m a girl) and I’ve only had crushes on them. However, recently I’ve found myself sort of being attracted to two girl recently. Not a full blown crush, but just attraction. Now that I think about it, I’ve sort of felt this way before, but less so. I’m not opposed to the idea of dating a girl either. I sort of actually want to try it at some point. What do you think? I really need advice…

Try not to be afraid of your feelings ^^
Confusion is a normal response to something you don’t understand, it’s unpleasant, but remember that it’s curable! Spend some time on exploring your feelings and see where they take you, try the things you want to try (as long as you’re safe.) 
Eventually, you won’t be confused anymore and things will be much easier. Don’t be afraid! :3
With love,