I thought I was straight for most of my life, but began identifying as bi only a couple months ago. When I’m alone I’m mostly fine, but around family and my straight friends I don’t feel connected to bisexuality. I don’t always feel like I’M really bi, even though I like guys and girls. How can I feel more comfortable seeing myself as bi? Is it bad that I feel this way? Is this normal?

I don’t know how it is for other people in this regard, but personally I don’t always feel a connection with my sexuality either, most of the time I’m totally unaware of it! It’s a part of my life that effects who I might find attractive, but it doesn’t really effect me in other ways and hasn’t changed who I was as a person before I knew I was bisexual.
It could be that because you’re new to this identification you’re still uncertain, that’s entirely normal! It can take us a while to feel comfortable with things when it’s new to us, it’s not bad to feel that way either! Even if you do find out later on that you’re not bi it’s okay! There’s no shame in that, it just means you’ve come to understand yourself more and that’s always a positive thing!
With love,