I live in a fairly good-sized city with something of an LGBTQ population in one section of bars and nightclubs. But most who run events are a group of lesbian women who hate bisexuals. I’ve been told I’m “Disgusting, gross, not welcome here, ‘go find a man at a bar, ‘ro'” It sucks. I’ve cried so much over it. It’s NOT fair. I don’t belong there, and I don’t belong fully with straights. I’m so alone. It really sucks.

That’s awful, I’m sorry that people are being so ignorant towards you.. Have you tried looking for bisexual groups specifically in your city? It would avoid having to deal with these kinds of people..
You’re right, it’s not fair. I’m very sorry it’s happening to you. But you’re not alone! There’s bisexuals everywhere! Especially online ^^
With love,