Hello there! I have this problem. I’m a bi woman but I’ve never had a real relationship with anyone. There’s this guy who likes me and he’s really nice. But for some reason i kinda keep pushing him away and the only reason i find for me to do that is that deep down I’m maybe scared to settle into a relationship with a guy and be like “caged there” and close my options before even having dated a girl before that. I don’t know why I do this :( ~Ella

Hello! ^^
I can understand, it’s scary to think that you might never get to experience something you want to, but on the other hand sometimes love (however it’s found) is better than what you might have experienced.
If you like this person, and they like you back, you could try seeing where it goes. But before it gets serious explain your situation and let them know that you think they’re nice and you like spending time with them, but.. There’s this nagging thought and you want to explore that too.
This way you’d have more time to see how you feel while experiencing a relationship, it might seem like less of a problem by then? ^^
It’s okay to take things slowly! Never rush in :3
With love,