Do you watch brooklyn 9? The character Rosa came out as bi and was nervous but unapologetic and it honnestly made me cry. I was in work when I found out so I had to hide in the bathroom to get myself together, which really surprised me as I’m usually able to stay cool. Media validation is so necessary and the show is great for that. hope I can come out soon. (If anyone doesn’t watch it you totally should, it’s lighthearted comedy and a great pick-me-up! Also the actress who plays rosa is bi)?

I’m afraid I don’t, I don’t watch much to be honest ^^
I agree with you that validation in media is important, the media has a lot of power and can help others to see things in a positive (or negative..) light, they should obviously use those powers for good, and I’m glad that they sometimes do! :3
I wish you the best in your coming out!
With love,