2 years ago, I came out as bisexual. then, last year, I came out aa homosexual because I didn’t feel attraction to guys (but I’m non binary). now I don’t know if I’m gay or I’m bi (or pan), because I like girls, I liked 2 non binary people and I kind of feel only romantic attraction to guys. could you help me? PS: I’m afraid of “changing labels” too much.. I tought I was bi, then homo, and now idk :/

It’s okay!
Sometimes things are confusing and you’re not sure what’s going on.. Life can be like that sometimes..
If you’re unsure what label works for you right now, but you’re aware you’re not heterosexual you could use the term ‘Queer’ if you’re okay with it! Or you could just say you’re ‘sexual’ and leave it at that if you prefer.
Your label is your own and it should be comfortable for you, it doesn’t matter what others think of it! It only matters how you feel about it.
With love,